DR. Stephanie King

I am a licensed clinical psychologist. Sometimes referred to as a therapist or counselor. I first became interested in the field of psychotherapy while I was living in NYC during the September 11 tragedies. During that very difficult time I felt first hand the trauma that the entire city experienced and became intimately aware of the effects trauma has on individuals, relationships and an entire group of people.  

Since then, I have made it my life's work to help people overcome tragedies and interpersonal struggles that are often born out of trauma. This can include problematic patterns of relating, often first learned in the early childhood environment.

Once immersed in the field of psychology I also became interested in and highly skilled at helping people struggling with mother-daughter conflict, especially daughter's of narcissistic mothers. The lasting, complicated impact being raised by a narcissistic mother has on a girl and woman is fraught with complicated feelings and patterns of relating. I can help you untangling the complicated feelings and behaviors so that you can take charge of your life.   

Most recently I have taken a strong interest in helping and supporting transgender and gender fluid adolescents navigate their gender journey.  I am an active participant in a professional gender consortium as well as participate in monthly gender trainings and consultations. In this burgeoning field of gender awareness I can help adolescents and their families navigate the sometimes tumultuous waters of gender identity exploration.