Therapy for ADULTS

Do you...

  • wonder why no matter how hard you try, your relationship with your mother always falls short, leaving you feeling disappointed and let down?
  • feel guilty about how much you dislike your mom and blame yourself for the poor relationship?
  • find yourself making the same “mistakes” time and again and wonder why? 
  • feel stuck and worry that things will never change?  
  • keep thinking of the same tragic event over and over again and are afraid you will never escape these thoughts and feelings?
  • wonder why it is so hard to have a relationship that feels real, authentic and safe?
  • have a complicated and painful romantic relationships and friendships? 
  • have trouble getting up in the morning, wishing you could just stay in bed?  
  • have body pains that seem unexplainable?
  • want to talk to somebody, but worry that you may be misunderstood?

Therapy is for you and about you.  In this hectic world, it is a rare occurrence to sit quietly in one place and contemplate your own needs without distraction or the ever-present pull of responsibility to others.  The therapy hour is the one place you will get undivided time, attention and space to think about what is most important to you.  It is in these moments that a spark of insight, self-understanding and more compassion for yourself can propel you forward into new places of understanding.  In time, you can discover new ways of relating to others and most importantly, to yourself.  If this sounds like something that you are longing for, call me to make an appointment.