I help couples in multiple configurations monogamous as well as non-monogamous

Being in a relationship can be one of the most amazing, loving, joyous and also challenging aspects of our lives.  Often it is filled with warmth and excitement.  But at times, it may also feel overwhelming and painful.  It is often normal for couples to discover that they have established a pattern of relating that continues to bring them back to the same stuck place again and again.  This can leave people feeling frustrated and confused.  Many of these patterns originate from early relationships with parents or caretakers.  Sometimes problematic patterns get programmed into us without our even knowing it. These patterns of relating may have been useful at one time but are not longer useful, or worse, they are harmful.  Learning to bring these patterns into our conscious awareness can bring tremendous relief, and learning about the origins of our partner's unconscious patterns of relating can bring couples closer together and increase empathy. 

Sex and intimacy can also bring about uncomfortable and challenging feelings and experiences.  When attempting to have conversations about sex, sometimes difficult feelings arise such as shame and embarrassment,   I have special training as a sex educator and therapist and can help you navigate and explore these topics.  If you are experiencing desire discrepancies, fears related to sex, shame, sex after trauma, reconnecting after an affair or need information to help understand why things feel so challenging, I can help.  Together we can work toward getting to a point in your relationship where you can talk openly, honestly, with compassion and empathy.  This can bring a tremendous amount of satisfaction and a greater sense of connectedness to your relationship.