my expertise:

Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

A narcissistic mother can be described with some or all of the following traits. 

  • A grandiose sense of entitlement

  • Self-involved

  • Critical of you and your accomplishments

  • Plays the victim

  • Values you for what you do rather than who you are

  • Puts her own needs before yours

  • Has a lack of empathy and often denies her own or your feelings

  • Is hyper-focused on her appearance or the way things look to others rather than how things feel

  • Is competitive, and puts your successes down

  • Over-involved or ignoring

Being the daughter of a narcissistic mother, or a mother with narcissistic tendencies, easily affects many aspects of your life. Some of the affects include painful feelings about yourself, and contributes to other troubling relationship dynamics. Often this mother-daughter dynamic leaves women feeling, unloveable, not good enough, filled with self-doubt or empty. I know the ins and outs and understand the complexities of this type of relationship. I help people unravel the complexities of being the daughter of a narcissistic mother, give you the proper emotional attention that you need and deserve so that you can begin to live your life for you. Using a combination of professional and personal skills that include insight, practicality, empathy and warmth, I can help you understand and resolve difficulties and struggles so that you can begin to feel better.

Transgender Youth and Families

I am very passionate about providing therapeutic support to transgender youth as well as parents of transgender youth.  I can help you understand, affirm and support your child's gender identity.  I have the experience and expertise to help you navigate the process that unfolds as a transgender youth and when parenting a transgender or gender expansive youth. There are many questions you may be grappling with. Some questions you are asking yourself, and others are coming from your family and community.  I can be a guide as you begin to understand your own process as well as your child's gender expressive process.  There is a wealth of information as to how to provide support for your gender expansive child, and sometimes the parents and caregivers experience gets left behind.  This is a transition for parents and caregivers as much as it is a transition for the youth.   

Relationships & Sex Therapy

Another area of my expertise is working with couples and with people in "non-traditional" relationships such as polyamorous or other types of romantic relational configurations. I have compassion and understanding for the wide range of ways people choose to be in relationships.  Your lifestyle choices are very personal and I have a deep understanding and respect for the various ways people express their sexual identity.

Additionally, I have specilaized training in sex education and therapy.  Sex and intimacy in relationships have their ups and downs but sometimes people need extra help to overcome difficulties related to desire discrepancies, fears related to sex, shame, sex after trauma, reconnecting after an affair or information to help understand why things feel so challenging.