Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

A narcissistic mother can be described with some or all of the following traits. 

  • A grandiose sense of entitlement
  • Self-involved
  • Critical of you and your accomplishments
  • Plays the victim
  • Values you for what you do rather than who you are 
  • Puts her own needs before yours
  • Has a lack of empathy and often denies her own or your feelings
  • Is hyper-focused on her appearance or the way things look to others rather than how things feel
  • Is competitive, and puts your successes down
  • Over-involved or ignoring

Being the daughter of a narcissistic mother, or a mother with narcissistic tendencies, easily affects many aspects of your life. Some of the affects include painful feelings about yourself, and contributes to other troubling relationship dynamics. Often this mother-daughter dynamic leaves women feeling, unloveable, not good enough, filled with self-doubt or empty. I know the ins and outs and understand the complexities of this type of relationship. I help people unravel the complexities of being the daughter of a narcissistic mother, give you the proper emotional attention that you need and deserve so that you can begin to live your life for you. Using a combination of professional and personal skills that include insight, practicality, empathy and warmth, I can help you understand and resolve these difficulties and struggles so that you can begin to feel better.


Dr. Stephanie King

Novato, CA