Therapy for TEENAGERS

(for teen eyes only)

  • Do you feel filled with anxiety about school and grades?
  • Are your parents pressuring you to be "perfect"?
  • Do you feel like no one is listening and no one understands?
  • Are you worried about the way you look, or about saying the wrong thing in social situations?
  • Is your relationship with your parents complicated, often leaving you feeling sad and misunderstood?
  • Do you think about hurting yourself? And sometimes do?


The teen years are notoriously difficult and riddled with a unique set of concerns. Being between childhood and adulthood means that there are times when you feel that you need your caregivers support and love, and other times when you just want them to get the hell away from you! I get that.

School pressure and social issues, including the drama that can get stirred up on social media can create huge waves of overwhelming thoughts and feelings.  I get that too.  

Love and relationships are incredibly intense and sometimes heartbreaking and confusing. Your feelings are real and valid and sometimes having a private, confidential place where you can say exactly what’s on your mind knowing that no one else is going to hear it, or judge your thoughts and feelings, is incredibly helpful. Together we can sort through all these thoughts and feelings and help you get to the bottom of what’s happening on the inside and the outside.

Sometimes there are more serious concerns that may include dark thoughts. Maybe you think about suicide or harming yourself by cutting. These thoughts are not only overwhelming but they are painful and complicated. Not everyone has the picture perfect life. I understand and I can help you think about what is going on while staying safe at the same time. It's important that you know that you don't have to do this alone